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29 Things You Should Consider Dating a Woman Athlete

I read this article back in early 2016. Mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest. What a time to be alive.

I can't tell if the link is valid anymore, but I found this information to be extremely true. I didn't write this article but it did speak to my athletic soul.

This is extremely true when you are looking at dating an athletic girl. This is what I read and my input on these 29 things about dating a woman athlete.

1. A Little Competition Is Always Fun- When I workout along side my husband I like to try to show him what I can do.

2. She Can Keep Up- Again, I like to show him what I can do.

3. She Likes And Understands Sports- Go Steelers, Miami Heat, Sharks, and Giants!

4. She Actually Enjoys Working Out…A Lot- I love pushing myself to see how far I can go,

5. She Prefers Active Dates- I have taken him hiking and to the gym.

6. She Values Teamwork- Not only while working out, but we do that in our relationship

7. She Lives In A Sports Bra- But Facts.

8. Shopping Is For New Workout Clothes- True so true

9. She Likes To Eat…A Lot- Give me some Texas Roadhouse Steak, and rolls with cinnamon butter.

10. She Hates When You Let Her Win- He knows way better than to let that happen.

11. Routines Are Necessary- Yeah especially with three dogs and a child.

12. Getting Up Early Is A Lifestyle- 3:30 AM wake up call these days.

13. She Gets “Me Time” From Working Out- True

14. But She Always Welcomes Gym Buddies- depends on my mood.

15. Determination Is Her Middle Name- consistency and determination

16. She’s Got A Tough Shell- I try to have one

17. But She’s Really A Softie- I am a marshmallow.

18. Loyalty Is One Of Her Best Traits- Definitely true.

19. She Can Take Care Of Herself- Mulan at your service.

20. She Can Plan Anything- and with two years in advance, I can plan really anything.

21. Her Fitness And Her Life Goals Are Sacred- only since forever.

22. She Doesn’t Take The Easy Way- never unless I have somewhere I need to be in a hurry.

23. There’s Nothing Wrong With A Good Nap- take one whenever you can.

24. Going On Vacation Isn’t About Relaxation- resort better have trail or a fitness center.

25. All Of Her Celeb Crushes Are Famous Athletes- eh.

26. Being Athletic Doesn’t Mean She Can’t Be Girly- I have my moments.

27. She May Travel In A Pack- Meh sometimes.

28. She Can Always Fit In A Workout- even if that calls for waking up at 3:30AM.

29. In Fact, “Can’t” Isn’t In Her Vocabulary- TRY ME.

I would say over all these 29 things add up to my athletic personality. Now I just want steak, house salad, and rolls with cinnamon butter. Every weightlifter's dream. Carbs and meat.

Trust me when this prep competition is done, I am having the juiciest, piece of red meat I can find and smothering the shit out of it in butter.

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