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A Cost-Effective, Creative Way to Have Chinese Food

Okay, if you’re reading this post, I know exactly your current situation. You don’t know what to make for dinner. You want to know how to create something that is unique and not overplayed in your household like meatloaf, spaghetti, chicken, or even hamburgers. You might even be entertaining someone. Trust me when I tell you that the recipe I’m about to share has changed my life.

Have you ever had Chicken Chow Mein on warm, toasted, buttered bread? I didn’t think so. This recipe is a game changer. Add a side of steamed vegetables, spring rolls, and fortune cookies, you got yourself a full course meal.

The ingredients for this unorthodox meal are listed as:

• 2 tablespoons of butter

• 4 fresh French Rolls, sliced down the center

• 2 quarts of Chicken chow mein, delivered from local Chinese restaurant

• 4 fortune cookies

Our Ratings

My Rating: I rate this recipe a 9/10. Chinese food throughout the country is prepared differently I have noticed. Granted, I live in Florida and is Asian necessarily the best? Compared to California, not really. Mainly because in Florida, the specialties are cuban, south American, and southern. That and also you are bombarded by chain, franchised restaurants. I only rate it this because the chow mein could be prepared better. The toasted rolls definitely added an extra satisfaction.

Shayne’s Rating: He rates this recipe an 8/10. Shayne did like the dish but again, we are used to authentic Asian food. He served overseas so he knows authentic to the tee. Shayne figured that chow mein could be prepared better.

The best part of a recipe is reusing ingredients for the next day. Indirectly, you are saving money because you are eating at home. Realizing this while being limited with resources, we do have food at home. We used the two French rolls to make grilled cheese sandwiches. We have shredded cheddar and bread to use, might as well make a childhood classic. It gets us through the days and we are saving money. Period. We are not buying lunch out nor buying more ingredients to make lunch. BAM.

There are many ways to save money. We need to realize that. Not for me to get on my soap box, but I do want to ask when people have told me, “This is so expensive.” “This is so much money.” “How can I save more?” It is like what are you doing when shopping, when buying groceries, are you going out frivolously and spending 60 bucks for a restaurant made meal? Are you subscribing to services you do not need? I am not saying don’t eat out or enjoy shopping. I am saying to do those activities smarter.

You want to go out to eat or do delivery? Earn money back. Order through Ibotta like I did this evening, if Ibotta or another application allows to do so. Get a receipt from dining out and scan that receipt. Also, moderation in how many times you do go out to eat. There are ways to save money. You just have to be creative enough to find the avenues to do so. :)


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