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Eat and Crave Like a Gilmore

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Let’s face it. The Gilmore Girls Show was a comedy for mothers and daughters and any males who had interest in the early 2000s. Lorelai and Rory’s mother-daughter duo is admirable. Coworkers like Sookie and Michel that have banters and tithers are hilarious. Lane, Mrs. Kim, Gypsy, Bootsy, Babette and Morey, Taylor, Kirk, Lulu, Andrew, the town Troubadour, and of course, Miss Patty, are the small town characters that everyone knows in real life. Dean, Tristan, Jess, Logan, Marty, Max, Alex, Christopher, Jason, and Luke are the boys that the women go for, maybe not in exact order but we ladies always have our phases. Paris, Louise, Madeline, Francie, Janet, Althea, Tana, and college friends show the types of friends that girls can have. Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and Richard’s relationship show how parents, children, and grandchildren can be strained and eventually reconciled throughout the seasons. The series' thematic elements have relatable aspects to those who watch at home.

Now if we can relate on a viewing level, why not relate on a food level? How many of you have thought about what it could be like to eat like a Gilmore? I mean Chinese chow mein wrapped in a pancake, only Lorelai would think of that. At least I would hope. Kristi Carlson creates and inspires us Gilmore fans to live vicariously through Lorelai and Rory’s stomaches. In Eat Like a Gilmore and Daily Cravings, you get to see how you can eat at Luke’s Diner nearly everyday, Sookie’s Kitchen at work at least five days a week, Weston’s Bakery when you can’t go to Lukes, Emily’s House for Friday Night dinners, Stars Hollow Celebrations which seems like every season, in Lorelai’s house when she has food, when you want to be healthy at Mrs. Kims, when you want everything at Al’s Pancake World but can’t decide, when you’re a college student and use common eating area to your advantage, and when you crave the sweets at Taylor’s Soda Shoppe. I’ve seen the saying, you need three hobbies for a quality of life. One to keep you creative, one to keep you in shape, and one to make you money. Cooking and writing keeps me creative, I exercise four-five days a week at the gym, and I worked as a Food and Beverage supervisor again, full time, so that is how I make my money. Now if I can create an income with creativity, why not mold two hobbies into one?

Throughout the blogs, the recipes will be shown, pictures will be depicted, the products used, the money saved, the opinions of those who enjoyed the outcome, (mainly my fiancé and me) and the episodes these recipes are made. Of course, my journey is credited to Kristi Carlson and her contributors, because of them and creative abilities I get to have a Year in a Life of Gilmore minus the Richard memorial posted on my apartment wall. Now bring on the anti-acids and creativity.

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