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How To Bring the Authentic South to Your Kitchen

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Everyone has their food they turn to for comfort. Some people turn to frosting in a can, some people turn to cake, some people turn to fried food. Me… I turn to cornbread. Yes, you heard me I turn to cornbread warm with any kind of pure butter.

Cornbread has always had that southern comfort flair to it. I mean who does not want to have a food that gives them comfort? Part of being on the west coast is the healthy habits that follow. There is Whole Foods and smoothie bars on nearly every corner. Though, I will be always running to cornbread and butter whenever I am stressed.

Below are the ingredients you need to make your cornbread:

• Butter for preparing pan

• 3/4 cup of cornmeal

• 3/4 cup of flour

• 1 teaspoon baking powder

• 1 teaspoon salt

• 1/2 cup of butter

• 1/2 cup of sugar

• 2 eggs

• 3/4 cup buttermilk

• 1/2 cup Monterey Jack Cheese

Our Ratings

My Rating: I have to say I am wildly ecstatic about my rating. I rate this cornbread a 10/10. It is sweet, has a great texture, and the cornbread just melts in your mouth. What would be even better would be adding chunks of corn and some sweet, whipped honey butter. Next time, I make this cornbread I will add in those variations and see what shall occur.

Shayne’s Rating: Shayne literally motioned a 10/10 with the cornbread in his mouth and he wanted two more pieces. I think actions speak louder than words at this point!

Our Financials

This recipe has some ingredients cost. Mainly, I only had to buy the buttermilk, cheese, and cornmeal. Dairy is not really ingredients I try to keep in my household. Some of the ingredients were not an easy find thanks to COVID-19. I actually got to experience buying ingredients to make something that is considered a soul, comfort food. Shockingly enough.

Below is the breakdown of the ingredients:

• Butter for preparing pan- free!

• Cornmeal- $1.64

• Flour- free!

• Baking powder- free!

• Salt- free!

• 1/2 cup of butter-free!

• Sugar- free!

• Eggs- free!

• Buttermilk- $2.34

• Monterey Jack Cheese- $1.98

The cost for the ingredients for me was $5.96.

Definitely, on the cheaper side. Again, a lot of the ingredients I had already stored in my small cupboards. There is a trend though with these recipes, a lot of them reuse ingredients. So granted, Monterey Jack cheese can be used for cornbread but it could work as a cheese for macaroni and cheese if need be. Eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, all the baking staples can be used for cooking as well. So you may buy it once, but shelf-stable ingredients have multiple uses. Not to mention, I highly doubt you can eat a whole cornbread in one sitting. What does that mean? Leftovers!!!

In addition to the low ingredients cost, I used all my cash back applications I could to get some money back. In addition, to the ingredients already stashed in my small, apartment cupboard. And when I say small, I mean small. Like honestly, huge ideas I have for my future kitchen just for that reason alone.

Those Millennial Cash Back Earnings

Though there is ups and downs, I would prefer to use Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, ShopKick, and Coinout.

Unfortunately, I did not earn any money from Ibotta. For this recipe, and for majority of the recipes. There is not a lot of fresh groceries that were on Ibotta. The money from Ibotta is was claimed when I have shelf stable items such as protein bars, protein shakes, and other items that last longer.

Fetch Rewards, one of my favorite applications, I earned 50 points but because of other ingredients we bought for other recipes. A victory is a victory for this application. More points, get you more points for gift cards of your selection. Using those gift cards for furnishing my future home. I got multiple goals for using these applications and that helps.

For walking into Walmart, I got 10 kicks for just walking in to the store. Shopkick typically does not have the products I shop for, I earn kicks by walking to the store. Though, there is an option to scan promoted items to earn more kicks. An option I don’t utilize, however this will help you later!

Finally, Coinout earned me three cents for scanning in the receipt. Coinout definitely is an application where you have to do subscriptions to earn a significant amount of money back. If you are not pressed to earn money, then this application works very well.

Outcomes and Recommendations

Another way to think about food. You save money by having leftovers because you have additional meals. You save money by buying shelf-stable ingredients. You additionally save money by using cash back applications on your phone. That is three ways, you are able to save money. Has the process been this easy all along? Not necessarily. Technology during the millennium stepped up the game dramatically. The two facts I mentioned before have always been the case. This third component is a game changer. This variable does not take away the fact of the other two, but elevates the importance.

Granted, some recipes can reap more rewards than others. However, what is wrong with getting the most out of a recipe that you can? Is it not better that you reap the most you can instead of not at all? Something is better than nothing. In this society currently, that is the mindset we need to remind ourselves of constantly. In addition, with having a recipe such as cornbread, it is so customizable. You could add jalapeños, cheese, honey, pumpkin, blueberries, even broccoli. Southern twists in the palm of your hand.

For cornbread, you are also able to have regular butter, honey butter, or cinnamon butter on top. It is a true southern comfort food when you have the whipped butter melting on top.

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