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How To Not Suck at Making Pancakes

So fun fact about me. I have not made pancakes for myself or anyone since I was 14 years old. That was back in the day, where I did not care about my carbohydrate count. However, as mentioned in another post, I am a waffle gal. If I had to pick between pancakes and waffles, you know what I will go for. Honestly a way to get into my heart, waffles with blueberries inside or waffles topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Very carbohydrate heavy but if I had to have guilty pleasure, that will be one of them.

Think about it pancakes are a customizable breakfast. Syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream, peanut butter, cream cheese, and butter. Like waffles but just flat and have no ridges.

Here are the ingredients I used for making the pancakes:

• Flour

• Baking Powder

• Salt

• Eggs

• Sugar

• Buttermilk

• Whole milk

• Butter

I have to say, I made pancakes before but never with buttermilk. You would think I would because Buttermilk Pancakes actually require buttermilk, but nope Bisquick saved me from that purchase.

Our Ratings

My rating: Well, first of all, making these pancakes were a struggle. The first couple of pancakes were brown and a little bit more cooked than I would like. Cooking wise, I would say a 7 out of 10. Mainly because I suck at making pancakes and it took me a while, like 90 minutes a while. For taste, I will say probably an 8 out of 10. It is just the pancakes were super filling and I had to walk four miles to not feel as full. To be fair, I walked half a mile and I had to poop instantly, so I ran right back to the apartment. Public bathroom was closed, thanks COVID.

Shayne’s rating: Shayne is more of a waffle guy as well. So we will always like to have waffles if we have a choice. He rated the pancakes a 9 out of 10. The pancakes did fill Shayne up immensely.

Our Financials

Shocking again, I went to Publix to buy the ingredients. Honestly, Walmart I believe has

stepped up their game when it comes to amount of products and their cleanliness as well. Another reason, why I go to Walmart before anywhere else. I only went to Publix because Walmart was out of whole milk and eggs. Again. I blame a pandemic, because we usually do not have those issues. Below is the cost breakdown of the ingredients.

• Flour- $1.99

• Baking Powder- already purchased

• Salt- already purchased

• Eggs-$6.69

• Sugar- already purchased

• Buttermilk- already purchased

• Whole milk- $2.05

• Butter- already purchased

Luckily, because I had to buy more ingredients for other recipes, the total cost was $10.73. This is definitely on the cheaper spectrum when ingredients cost is mentioned. Not the cheapest, but out of the recipe, I was able to make 20 silver dollar pancakes. Ten for me and ten for Shayne. We definitely took a nap after we ate our pancakes.

Millennial Cash Back Earnings

Staples in the back pocket like always.

With Ibotta, getting money back is a hit or miss. You have to have specific items or you have to have generic products to earn money back. I earned 0.10 back on ice cream and tequila though, so it was not a total loss!

For Fetch Rewards, I earned 50 points just by scanning my receipt, no extra bonuses for items on this recipe. I earned extra points by buying Lay’s Jalapeño kettle-cooked chips for my fiancé as a study snack.

For Shopkick: Call me blond, but I actually forgot to activate my location to get my kicks :( though if I did, I would have earned 25 kicks to trip.

For Coinout, I earned 15 cents on this receipt. One of the largest amounts I have ever gotten. I will take that win after searching for ingredients crazily.

Even while making a brunch meal, we can still be able to save money in more ways than one. We ate ten silver dollar pancakes each and we were able to be satisfied where we did not have to eat another meal. We also got ingredients where we can make other items as well. It is all in the positives right? Saving money in more ways than one! The goal is to be that crunchy, resourceful mom for my kids. I think I am winning so far.


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