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One Essential Recipe for When You Have a Party

A childhood favorite of mine. Pizza Rolls, Pizza Bagels, Those personal Pizza Hut Pizzas. Fast, Delivery Pizza. Take and Bake Pizza. Pizza Pizza Pizza. I was in love with Pizza as a kid, as a teenager, and even now as an adult. However, I do try to keep my pizza some what healthy and minimally processed. Trust me, Walmart Frozen Pizza is always calling my name and for eight bucks, my millennial heart wants what it wants.

Ladies, let us agree there are two things that always make us feel better. Pizza and anything fried. Carbs and cheese are the perfect examples of how anything could help mend a broken heart.

Me being an adult, while a sucker for Totinos and Bagel Bites, these are less processed and have fresher ingredients. Enough talking about pizza and let’s get on our roll. Mom joke and pun totally intended.

The ingredients used were:

• 1 egg

• 1/4 cup of water

• 30 wonton papers

• 1 can of tomato sauce

• 1 cup of shredded mozzarella

• 1 cup minced pepperoni, if you’re feeling carnivorous.

• 2 teaspoons dried oregano

• 1 quart of oil for cooking, canola, vegetable or safflower.

This recipe makes 30 pizza rolls, which between my fiancé and I is 15 pizza rolls each. If you add two more adults and a child….you need to make a double batch. With cheese. With meat. Minimally processed and honestly, fresher and more quantity than frozen pizza rolls. Unless you get the super size pack, but why??? Take the hour or two and make a double batch of these rolls!

Our Ratings:

My Rating: I rate these pizza rolls a 9 out of 10. When I had the first roll, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors. In a pinch, I had cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and oregano all in one. The taste was so fresh and not bland. Though, could the taste be better? Probably but those are modifications for another time.

Shayne’s Rating: He rates these pizza rolls an 8 out 10. They are okay but not completely a knock outta of the park type of appetizer. However, he enjoyed them with ranch just like how he likes his Walmart frozen pizza.

Chelsea’s Rating: She rates these an 8 out of 10. She thinks instead of using pizza blend, maybe using a mozzarella cheese would be better and have more of a flavor. It is possible. We shall see.

Baya’s Rating: She gave the pizza rolls a thumbs up and turned her on to eating pepperoni. Yes, I said what I said. If you get it, you get it.

Our Financials:

This is the cost of the ingredients that we had to shop for. Can you guess where we did our shopping? Walmart, the every all-American place to go. Plus in Florida, Walmart, Aldi, Sam’s Club and Publix are the most popular stores to go to in our area.

• Egg- $5.99 for 60 eggs- from Walmart

• Water- free from my sink

• Wonton Papers- $2.48 from Walmart

• Tomato Sauce- $1.88 from Walmart

• Shredded Mozzarella- $1.98 from Walmart ( I used Pizza blend)

• Minced Pepperoni- $3.46 from Walmart

• Dried Oregano-already had the spice

• Quart of Oil- $1.88 from Walmart

The ingredient cost for creating these pizza rolls is $17.67. I used majority of the wonton wrappers, would have used them all if I did not run out of pepperoni or cheese. However, next time I make this recipe because of ingredients cost, I will double the recipe to make even more.

Cash Back Application Millennial Earnings

Ibotta earned me more money than usual within the three shopping trips I gallivanted to. I earned $4.45 back from Ibotta because of cheese, tomato sauce, and vodka. In addition, I ended up completing a shopping bonus so I earned an additional five dollars cash back. In total, I earned $9.45 cash back from my shopping excursions.

Fetch Rewards earned me multiple points from multiple receipts. Between two receipts from Walmart, I earned 100 points from scanning my receipts.

Shopkick got me 10 kicks at Walmart, just by walking into the store. I did not scan any products or purchase any items to redeem. The ingredients were not on the application.

Coinout got me two cents. Usually, I would get more but my Walmart receipt was cancelled because ineligibility. Oh well, I still am earning something.

Recommendations and Modifications

Just for your information while creating the recipes, there was modifications. I needed to modify because of the amount of ingredients. I had to scale back the amount of tomato sauce because there would be over-spills. Instead of a tablespoon, I used a teaspoon. Using that amount, kept the sauce inside of the wonton wrapper. In addition, used one teaspoon cheese and pepperoni. Two teaspoons would cause the wrappers to be overstuffed and toppings would fall out.

In addition, I have tried frying the pizza rolls in extra virgin olive oil instead of canola oil and there was a definite, robust, Italian flavor. The olive oil brings out the flavor of the oregano. I did also try mozzarella cheese compared to pizza blend cheese and there was more robust flavor from the cheese. Olive oil and mozzarella cheese would be the modifications I would place on this recipe.

Now that you know this little tip to make the cooking easier, don’t go for the Pizza rolls in the freezer section as tempting as they can be. This is a triple threat recipe. You save money, save your waistline, and you save those pizza rolls for when carbs and cheese are calling your name.


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