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Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen

Mean Girls. The most iconic movie in 2004. Quotes to live on forever. Cady. Regina. Gretchen. Karen. Janis. Damien. Aaron Samuels. I always pink on October 3.

Flash forward 14 years to 2018 when I found the Fetch Rewards application. Sorry Regina, looks like Gretchen was right. Looks like Fetch is going to happen.

Fetch Rewards. One of the applications I discovered early on into my adulting days. Along with Ibotta, this was one of the applications I use religiously.

How do you get earn points for your goals? Using this application, is another way of how you can put another egg in another basket and not worry about this one cracking.

In a multitude of ways. Great for future investments right? This is how you can get Fetch (Rewards) to happen.

For any receipt, clothing stores, restaurants, specialty shops, or unknown stores to Fetch Rewards, you earn five points irregardless. This is a newer feature. In 2018 and 2019, we could only scan in grocery, club, and convenience stores enable to earn any points. You take picture or multiple pictures of your receipts, submit, and the points are automatically accrued and added to your bank total.

When you go to any grocery store, club, pet, or convenience store, and shop, you automatically earn 25 points. Earning more points for shopping for groceries. Which you should be doing anyways. That seems like a nice steal to me.

This is how to get the bare minimum of points from this cash back application. In short terms, non-grocery and no name convenience stores get you 5 points for every receipt you scan. Named grocery, club and convenient stores get you 25 points for every receipt scanned. Easy enough right?

To raise the amount of points you get per transaction, you need to do pre-planning with your grocery shopping. Nothing extensive but just quick ganders. On Fetch Rewards, if you shop for certain brands of products like:

• Groceries

• Alcohol

• Beauty products

• Baking supplies

• Breakfast

• Beverages

• Condiments

• Dairy products

• Frozen goods

• Health and Wellness enhancements

• Magazines

• Personal Care

• Snacks

• Baby Needs

If you click throughout the criteria, you are able to see what brands suffice for redeeming extra points.

For example, these are the products I have received points back on: Jet Puffed marshmallow creme, Baker’s Chocolate, Jello Instant Pudding, Just Crack an Egg Scramble kits, Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup, A.1. Steak Sauce, Heinz condiments, Sir Kensingtons condiments, Kraft dairy products, Philadelphia cream cheese, Velvetta cheese, Annie’s Boxed macaroni and cheese, Wyler’s beef bouillon cubes, Cottonelle and Viva Household items, Dove body wash products, Vaseline products, Lays and Ruffles potato chips. Nearly got extra points from every criteria they offer.

In fact, most of the items I bought and earned extra points were ingredients for all the recipes I have blogged. I could say by earning extra points, definitely made making the recipes worthwhile.

For searching up brands, I have earned a range of 50-4564 points. The receipt worth 4564 points I earned from buying Viva paper products, Heinz Ketchup, Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise, and Kleenex tissue. On top of that, there is special bonuses that are applied by buying the noted products.

This application also keeps a log of your receipts from your very first to your latest. I still have my logs from 2018. In fact, to have the logs are the greatest because you can refer back to the cost of certain items and to double check your amount of points received.

This application is simple to use. Definitely less specific than Ibotta, you scan in your receipt and get any point amount from 5-25 automatically. Where Ibotta you have to have certain offers in your “wallet” so to speak. Not doing a heavy comparison, just a way where you can keep your eggs in more than one basket. Or in this case, money in different areas.

Shopping in person not your fancy? Fetch Rewards also has an eReceipt earning program where if you shop online with Walmart, Target, Shipt, Jet, Costco, Instacart, Sam’s Club, Boxed, or Peapod, you can earn points from online retailers. I have not done this option because I like shopping in person. Did Walmart pick up once long ago in 2018, and it was awful. I did not get all the ingredients I wanted. However, for some it is a viable option. So if you do not want to go in the stores especially during an outbreak, you can earn points in another way.

Of course after all this earning, you get to fetch your rewards. Simple process really. You have options.

1. Gift Cards: You can earn gift cards for travel, pet needs, restaurants, retail, media usage, home decor, fashion, entertainment, electronics, gifts, beauty, even spa opportunities.

2. Charity: You can choose from a list of charities that Fetch Rewards has to donate. You can pick the increment of points from 3000-50,000. In money terms is $3-50 dollars.

3. Sweepstakes: You can choose to enter a portion of your earnings as well for what they have called sweepstakes. You pay for your entries for what sweepstakes they may have like an $1000 Visa gift card for an example. You can put in 2500 points for 100 entries. Or 1 entry for 100 points. Of course, I would go all in if I had points to spare. :)

The fact you get to choose your rewards after earning the points is amazing. Like Ibotta, you get to decide where your money is going. In addition, you get to decide how much money you earn for according to your goals. You get to choose if you want to redeem for gift cards that are up to 3000 points, 5000 points, 10,000 points, 25,000 points, or 50,000 points. I know people who have redeemed on the lower scale because they needed the money or they prefer more increments of smaller amounts.

Me, I am saving up for as many 50,000 point Wayfair gift cards as I can. When I need to buy something, the cost is already covered. Why not use gift cards to help ease the cost? This is one of the two applications I am using to help with extra funds.

Finally, referrals! For me, it is very simple to refer friends to Fetch Rewards. Depending on what the application decides, you text, email, or share your referral code to friends. After,

if they sign up, you get the referral code amount the application promotes. In addition, your friends earn a receipt redemption bonus when they scan their first reciept. Win for you and your friends! So shall we win together? Below is my code and hopefully after reading the how-to on this application, you will join along side me and start earning money for the future. :)

Referral code: N3XUU


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