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The Best Holiday Meal for Your Family

Affluence. A funny attribute. Epitome of being a social elite. Many women aspire to be of the cream of society and jet set in a high life. Food is a great way to show affluence. The woman prepares meals that are meant to please the creme de la creme society. Let's be real. Though as the millennium began, affluence started to fade and convenience rose to surface level.

This is when I am on my soap box. To make it clear that because I am born in the millennial era, does not mean I am not wanting to work hard. One of the reasons I want to work hard is because I aspire to be part of affluent society. I grew up middle class and my parents did not show struggle by any means.

However, I did grow up and still am around those who were more affluent and silver-spoon fed. Do I wish that I was one of those people? Yes and No. Yes, because it would make life easier. No, because could not really call that life mine? At least I could say this for myself, I am working to pursue my dreams and in the mean time, enhancing my cooking skills.

This recipe of Squab is a way that I am learning how to cook for the affluent society when my time comes to display my skills.

Squab is known as game pigeon so when looking at a store, that is another way you could find this meat.

Here are the ingredients I used to make squab:

• 2 tablespoons of butter

• 2 shallots, thinly sliced

• 2 squab

• 2 teaspoons of kosher salt

• 1 teaspoon of black pepper

I paired the squab with apple stuffing that was provided in the cookbook. Here are the ingredients I used to make the stuffing:

• 2 cups of French bread, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

• 2 cups of apple, peeled, cored, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

• 2 tablespoons of minced leek, using the white part only

• 4 tablespoons of butter

• 1 tablespoon of honey

• 1/4 cup of red wine

• 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

• 1/4 teaspoon of dried thyme

• 1 egg

Our Ratings

My rating: Well, I am the one who cooked the Squab and making the food took way more time. I do not like making recipes that are taking longer than expected. A lot of variables go into that like my oven, the weight of the squab and if the temperature is right. For taste, I would say an 8 out of 10. For making, I would say a 6 out of 10. It took like two hours longer than originally planned.

Shayne’s rating: Shayne really did like the squab and the apple-leek stuffing that was inside. The flavors and seasoning of the meat and stuffing combination is perfect. Shayne rates this meal as a 8.5 out of 10. He took both legs off the hen and just immersed his mouth full of flavor.

Our Financials

The cost of the ingredients were as listed, I shopped at Walmart once again for my groceries. Majority of the time, I do shop at Walmart based on convenience.

• Butter- $2.98 if purchased. 4 sticks in a box for Walmart brand.

• Shallots- did not use shallots

• Squab- $8.91 for two,

• Kosher Salt- already had the salt

• Black Pepper- already had the black pepper

• French Bread- $1.00

• Apples- $4.42

• Leek- $2.98

• Honey- already had the honey

• Red Wine- already had the red wine

• Cinnamon- already had the cinnamon

• Dried Thyme- already had the thyme

• Eggs- $6.69

The total cost for making two squab was $26.98. I did have some items in my small cupboards and small fridge. I did have to go to Walmart and Publix for this recipe.

Unfortunately, during a pandemic eggs in bulk are super popular at Walmart. Hence my excursion to the grocery store. My heart secretly hurt, 30 eggs for $6.69 when I can get 60 for five dollars and change. My penny pincher heart breaks even rewriting that.

Those Millennial Cash Back Earnings

For Ibotta, I did not earn any cash back for these ingredients. However, I would recommend for buying the red wine to look at this application to see if you can get any money back. You can get any brand of red wine with this recipe. For my wine, I used FitVine that was given to me because I wanted to try some.

For Fetch Rewards, I earned 50 points but because of other ingredients we bought for other recipes. I would definitely recommend no matter what to scan in a receipt if you can

so you can earn at least 25 points. So at least, if I had none of the specialty items I would have received 25 points.

For walking into Walmart, I got 10 kicks for just walking in to the store. Shopkick typically does not have the products I shop for, I earn kicks by walking to the store. Though, there is an option to scan promoted items to earn more kicks. An option I do not use because I like to rush in and out of the store. In Florida, grocery stores are a hot commodity. Even during a pandemic.

Finally, Coinout earned me three cents for scanning in the receipt. I love this receipt because one I always do it last on my routine, and two because it is actual money back. You can use the money for what you choose like Ibotta. It is an application that you build your pot to get substantial money back.

Outcomes and Recommendations

I believe when you do make recipes such as this there are always learning experiences. I learned that this recipe of squab that it will take 45 minutes out of my day. I learned that I will make this recipe for future holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. I learned how to pull off an affluent recipe even while living in my apartment. Finally, I learned that no matter what the circumstance, drinking wine while cooking is always a fabulous idea. When drinking red wine, I believe I look affluent and classy. Just give me a white jumpsuit and I am living my housewife fantasy. So drink up and make some Squab. Live to your fullest housewife potential.


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