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The Best Solution for a Cinco De Mayo Barbecue

Let's be honest. Cinco de Mayo is the number one American way to get wasted and have tacos. Tequila and Margaritas. May I say more? What if you don't want tacos though? I mean that is the typical food but what if you want to have a burger? Yes, I said it. A burger on Cinco De Mayo. Well, here is the way you can have an American-Mexican fusion of food.

Below are the ingredients you need to make your new favorite go-to:

• 1 avocado halved and pitted

• 1/2 cup of chopped onion

• 1/2 cup of stemmed and chopped tomato

• 1/2 teaspoon of salt

• 1 lime, juiced

• 1 pound of ground beef

• 2 tablespoons of taco seasoning

• 2 teaspoons of crushed red pepper

• 2 jalapeños stemmed and sliced

• 4 slices of pepper jack cheese

• 4 burger buns

• 4 lettuce leaves

• Sour cream for garnish

Our Ratings

My Rating: For taste and for cooking, I would rate these burgers a 10 out of 10. This burger recipe I would say is intended for adults or older children who have a high tolerance for spicy food. While you cook the food, you can smell the jalapeños and taco beef as the food sizzles. Shayne’s nose burned as I cooked the jalapeños and that scent immersed into my apartment. I am a sucker for Mexican and American food, so this fusion is amazing for my type of dinner. The burgers were easy to make and fry. In addition, I was able to come up with ways for ease the next time I make these burgers for dinner.

Shayne’s Rating: Shayne came into the kitchen as I begun cooking and tasted a sample. The meat smelled that great; he needed his fix of all things spicy. The burger was even better once you add the guacamole and sour cream mixture. The burger is definitely a fusion of flavors that any man would love.

This is probably where my kid gets his love of spice from. He got his father and his mother who eat all things spicy. This kid eats jalapeño chips, spicy Tapatio covered eggs, fire sauce from Taco Bell. Just all the spicy things.

Our Financials

I did my shopping at Walmart and Sam’s Club. This is what makes me happy about making items at home; reusing ingredients to save money. When I have the time, I buy my meats in bulk at Sam’s Club. Chicken. Beef. Turkey. Salmon. I get huge portions for the amount I pay. This shopping trip, I used Walmart for all my produce and alcohol needs.

Below is the cost breakdown of the ingredients:

• Avocado- $1.56 from Walmart

• Chopped Onion- $2.58 from Walmart

• Tomato- already had the tomato

• Salt- already had the salt

• Lime- already had the lime

• Ground beef- $15.65 from Sam’s Club

• Taco seasoning- $0.67 from Walmart

• Crushed Red Pepper- $0.98 from Walmart

• Jalapeños-$1.19 from Walmart

• Pepper jack cheese- $1.98 from Walmart

• Burger buns- $1.00 from Walmart

• Lettuce leaves- $1.48 from Walmart

• Sour Cream for garnish- $1.98 from Walmart

The total cost to make these burgers was $16.55. I bought a five pound package of ground beef so I divided the cost based on per pound which was $3.18. Honestly, these items were bought on the cheapest scale. I mean even with that amount of ingredients I could make eight burgers for that price! I mean Shayne I can have two burgers a day for 4 days at that point. Not to mention, use other ingredients for other recipes like I always aim to do. Is that not the best kind of recipe?

Those Millennial Cash Back Earnings

Here is how I struck when scanning receipts into my handy cash back applications:

While using the Ibotta application, I actually struck some luck today. I earned 10 cents back for any item on a receipt from Walmart. Ibotta has not had that offer for a while so a happy Monday surprise for me! Unfortunately, Sam’s Club did not have any cash back for me. Typically the offers are not what I buy.

Fetch Rewards was somewhat scoring me today. I earned 75 points from two receipts. I earned 50 points from Walmart and and 25 points for Sam’s Club. Better than other receipts I have scanned in.

For walking into Walmart, I got 10 kicks for just walking in to the store. Shopkick typically does not have the products I shop for, I earn kicks by walking to the store. Though, there is an option to scan promoted items to earn more kicks. An option I don’t utilize, however this will help you later! Sam’s Club you have to buy or scan items.

For my penny rewards from Coinout, from four receipts I earned eight cents. I earned two cents for two Walmart receipts and two two cents for Sam’s Club receipts. Slowly climbing up the money ladder!

Outcomes and Recommendations

I have to say that after making this recipe, I learned some tactics that could make this burger process easier. You can get more flavor if you use the whole packet of taco seasoning and use crushed red pepper flakes instead of regular pepper. Second, it would be easier to mix the jalapeño with the beef. If you cook the jalapeños and then puree into a sauce, the meat will soak in the jalapeño juice and keep in the spiciness.

This recipe was a favorite of mine because of all the aspects included in making this recipe. The financials are great. The ability to reuse ingredients is easy for other recipes. Finally, you get to have burgers and Mexican food all in one shot. Regular burgers are great, but you have to have jalapeño to be the game-changer.


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