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Why Ibotta is Good For Your Wallet

Have you heard of the show, Extreme Couponers on TLC? Yeah, I have too. There are people that make this a full time career so they do not have to spend money in the end. That show influences others to be savvy when they have to buy groceries, essential items, or even any item that you want. Ibotta evolved to itself to help you earn money grocery shopping, restaurants and delivery services, online shopping of many varieties, subscriptions and even entertainment. What an extensive list right?

As you have read throughout my shopping posts, Ibotta is one of the cash back applications I use heavily. I found out about Ibotta because I was starting to focus on how to save money. I downloaded the application May of 2018 but I did not use it until August 2018. Until I was living on my own seriously, did not have an urgency to save any money. Proud to say nearly two years later, I am still on that train.

Ibotta is a version of extreme couponing, just with technology. Ibotta can be downloaded on any smart phone and the best part, no paper coupons to clip and stuff in your wallet. You can earn money in five easy steps!

You pick your store, you look through items you want buy, check them off, buy them, and then scan in your receipt.

The application breaks up criteria such as:

• For You

• Buy it Again (my favorite section)

• What’s Hot

• Best Value (another favorite section)

• New Offers

• Any Item (another favorite section)

• Dairy and Eggs

• Pantry

• Beverages

• Frozen

• Produce

• Beauty and Personal Care

• Household

• Snacks

• Breakfast

• Beer and Cider

• Spirits

• Wine

• Flavored alcoholic beverages

• Meat and Seafood

• Candy and Sweets

• Kids and Babies

• Health and Wellness

• Pet

• Other

The ease of using Ibotta clearly speaks for itself. This application really wants to make saving money as easy can be. There are deals that last for quite a while and some deals that do expire. However, the application adds new deals consistently. Because of the ease, Ibotta was also a way for me and my fiancé to experiment with new products.

My husband and I started to like Bai water, Sparkling Ice water, different type of spirits like Three Olives Vodka and 1800 Tequila, varieties of Welch juices, varieties of coffee creamers from International Delight and Coffeemate, Perfect protein bars, different types of Malt O Meal cereals, and different dog treats after it was on Ibotta.

Sometimes what is even better, is we are able to get deals on our dog food, Blue Buffalo, or Cake Bites Cookies. We have our brands we like to stick to using and when the brands show up on Ibotta, that makes us so happy.

What also makes us super happy, is that Ibotta does special promotions to earn more cash back. Either you get, additional cash back overall, or earn cash back by buying enough of a certain product.

For example, within the past month, we redeemed two cash back bonus. One was the “Weekly Essentials Bonus” where we had to claim 11 offers enable to earn five dollars cash back. I earned 12 dollars when claiming my items and then you can add in the essential item bonus for five dollars back. The total amount I was able to earn back was 17 dollars.

For a certain earnings bonus, we recently bought 1800 tequila and Three Olives Vodka so we qualified for a Proximo Spirits bonus where we earned two dollars back. I earned three dollars back on the 1800 tequila and Shayne earned three dollars back on the Three Olives Vodka. In addition to the six dollars, we earned two The total amount I was able to earn back was eight dollars.

What is also great of about these additional bonuses is… you earn the money back on the products individually and you also earn collectively when you claim the certain amount of items. The application does not make you choose one option or the other. Using this application and being eligible to save even more money, definitely is why I check this application every shopping trip.

In addition to grocery shopping, you can also earn money back when visiting any restaurants or ordering from restaurant delivery. Now before you plan out all your restaurant dates, you should know that most if not all offers are for alcoholic drinks. For example, the offers are based on money back from buying bottles of wine from a restaurant, 1 glass of wine, 1 mixed drink, or 1 shot of spirits.

I have claimed these offers for drinks when my fiancé and I have gone out for dates. One tip I would put out there is keep the itemized receipt. Even then, there can be issues when claiming your drink. It is an easy fix, you can contact support and explain the issue. All the times, I ask Ibotta for help, their support team is amazing in helping me.

Additionally, you are able to earn money back from food delivery services such as Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates. This is an easier way to earn money but usually the amount is a certain amount back. For example, that percentage is usually two percent to five percent. Not all services are promoted at the same time. Currently, I have seen GrubHub and UberEats for 2% cash back. I have seen Doordash at 5% cash back at times and Postmates at 7%. The money you are going to find back is randomized.

A penny is a penny saved. I would take whatever money I could get back even when eating out. We already know when eating out we are spending money. However, now you can get money back? You best believe I will take advantage of that.

Ibotta expanded itself online shopping of many varieties, subscriptions and even entertainment. For example, you can earn money back on subscriptions like wine clubs, specialized organic, grocery delivery, pet supply subscriptions like BarkBox, radio and television services like SiriusXM and Hulu. I actually earned 10 dollars back when signing up for Hulu, definitely more of an incentive to sign up for it. Of course, earning money back makes you feel better when spending money.

For online shopping, you are able to go to Ibotta look for online retailers or even in person, and then go shopping. You earn a designated percentage back from shopping. For example, I bought headphones from Under Armour online and earned 8% cash back from buying online. I mean is that not better than if you shopped and did not look for deals? See, I would not think so.

Finally, an option I have not utilized, but one feature that is new: a Pay with Ibotta option. You can use your funds from Ibotta and purchase your goods. You also earn cash back from using the option whichever amount is designated for grocery shopping, restaurants and delivery services, online shopping of many varieties, subscriptions, and entertainment.

That is why I encourage you all to look into and download the application Ibotta. Ibotta helps you earn money grocery shopping, restaurants and delivery services, online shopping of many varieties, subscriptions, and entertainment. The fact that there is options for saving money and for varieties of options, is encouraging for me alone to check this application religiously.

Below is my code for Ibotta because I do refer you all to sign up for this application: gjljppt

I hope you find this post to be helpful. If you have any questions to troubleshoot the application, please let me know and thank you for reading!


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